Episode 001 - A Tale of Two Births

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear the courage and strength this woman displayed in her two birth stories and different roles as a mother. 

 On this week’s episode, we are talking with Beka Overby.  As you will see in her story, Beka’s journey as a mother has taken many unexpected turns.  Birth as a teenager and birth as a thirty-year-old are bound to be polarizing but Beka’s huge heart and vulnerability in this episode is what makes her story so special.  Beka lives in Portland, OR with her husband Seth and her son Jones.

Show Notes:

Beka shares in her story how she met an amazing woman who helped her and Seth decide to welcome Jones with confidence in an unmedicated birth. Amy Aldrete works here in Portland as a childbirth doula and you can contact her at fearnotbirth@gmail.com or on IG: @fear.not.birth.