Episode 014 - Creating a Birth Plan - Part I

In this episode, Laura and Mellisa dive deep into the why, what and how of a birth plan.  We talk both about the birds eye view and the nitty gritty - and how a birth plan can be relational instead of confrontational.

Part 1 of a 2 part episode, this conversation will get you thinking about your motivations and beliefs about birth, as well as reframing what the benefits of "planning" ahead really are.

It's our goal to get you thinking about what's important to you about birth, helping you reframe the way we approach goals and preferences around birth, and giving you the tools to evaluate your birth options successfully and in collaboration with your birth team.

You can count on us to tell it how we see it - from the perspectives of both a mom who has completed several variations of a "birth plan" and from a labor and delivery nurse who sees the impact they have all the time!

In This Episode:

  • A birth plan is not just for the birthing mother
  • A birth plan is not just for labor and delivery but also for postpartum and newborn care
  • How detailed you get really depends on personality
  • How planning for birth is like planning for a camping trip
  •  One of the best benefits is getting a chance to think through the different scenarios and how you will react if things DON'T go according to plan
  • On the other side of everything you don't want is something you DO want - proactive vs defensive
  • A birth plan can be a bridge
  • Talking to your care provider about your preferences and their style/model/perspective
  • How a doula can help evaluate birth choices and preferences

Show Notes:

Mama Natural's visual birth plan

Mama Natural's visual birth plan